EMC TECH WEEKNot all heroes wear capes, we know this because of the amazing people that we work with every day. Our staff wake early in the morning and work late into the night to provide quality care to our patients. They don’t “watch the clock”, they work until all the patients are cared for. Often times this means missing their families (fur and human). They reheat their coffee several times, they don’t always get a bathroom break or a lunch break. These are cross trained, skilled individuals. They may be answering the phone one minute and wrangling a wild wildebeest the next (all while telling them they love them and it’s all going to be okay).

The job is dirty and often dangerous but they don’t bat an eye. Veterinary technicians and assistants are an interesting breed for sure. Their stories aren’t always appropriate for the dinner table. They provide care to the very young and the very old. They help a family say goodbye to a beloved pet in room one, wipe their tears and head in to room two to welcome your new puppy. They get yelled at by tired, frustrated and scared owners daily but remain smiling and welcome you when you come in the door with a smile. The best part is they wouldn’t have it any other way. They do this job because they love it and were born to care for animals. Some of their job titles include pharmacy tech, teacher, surgery tech, anesthetists, groomer, lab tech, counselor, advocate, phlebotomist, dental hygienist and more.

We are thankful for them and we are lucky to have each and every one of our team members. Be sure to thank your assistant or technician during your next visit.

Amanda Siciliano, Stow Kent Animal Hospital