With Easter right around the corner, now is a good time to discuss a serious matter that affects many of our hoppety friends.

Rabbits are bought and sold in extremely high numbers all over the U.S. this time of year. Sure they’re cute and fuzzy, and they make great pets, but the novelty often wears off after Easter. People often fail to realize that rabbits require the same amount of care and attention as their family dogs and cats.

Sadly, thousands of bunnies are relinquished to the animal shelters in the months following Easter, with many innocent rabbits being euthanized as they can find no homes. Worse yet, many people with good intentions turn them loose in their backyards. While it is true that wild rabbits readily survive in nature, store bought bunnies were raised in captivity. They lack the necessary survival skills that mom would’ve taught them as baby bunnies. Many of these rabbits easily become victims of predators (ie. birds, raccoons, dogs, etc), while many others fall victim to the extreme weather conditions.

Folks, if you want a bunny rabbit as part of your Easter celebration, make it a chocolate bunny. Also keep in mind that the same problem exists with baby chicks and ducks. Please do your part to spare the lives of countless innocent animals.

Eric Brooks, DVM