Do you have a small animal, bird or reptile that needs to visit the veterinarian during the winter months? We all know how important it is to keep small animals, pocket pets, birds, reptiles and amphibians temperature controlled. Therefore, these trips to the veterinarian during frigid temps can require some pre-appointment planning!

To transport these critters safe and warm we encourage you to review the tips below provided by our veterinarians.

1. Pre-heat the vehicle prior to loading the animal and departing.

2. Cover the cages during transport.

3. Use a supplemental heating source while in transit (microwavable rice bags/socks work great).

4. Avoid sitting your pet down in drafty areas (next to windows/doors) while you wait for your designated appointment. Upon arrival ask the staff to place your pet in a heated cage until your appointment time if necessary.

5. When appropriate give animals bedding material to bunker down in and stay cozy during travel.

Stay warm!

Stow Kent Animal Hospital