The holidays are fun for us but pose some potential risks to our furry family members. We recommend making a plan to keep kiddos safe during your Thanksgiving celebrations.

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We want you to spend your Black Friday catching all the hot deals, not looking for a lost pet or siting in the waiting room with a sick pet.

We’d encourage you to take a moment today and make sure your pets ID tags and microchip information is current. Pets sometimes take an opportunity to make a run for it when guests are coming in and out of the house frequently.

Make a safe space for your pet to retreat. Pets can sometimes find the hustle and bustle of the holidays very stressful. Give them a calm quiet room or crate where they can retreat and relax. This will allow them to get away and stay safe. It can also keep them away from opening and closing doors.

Make sure that trashcans have lids and are not accessible to pets.

Avoid giving your pets the carcass as bones can be problematic. Instead consider offering a frozen KONG full of canned dog food, this will be a safe option and keep them entertained while guests are visiting.

Do not allow guests to feed your pets table scraps. After the holidays we see many patients present with pancreatitis. If they insist on feeding your pets, make accessible healthy options like carrots or their usual kibble.

Keep alcohol and toxic foods out of reach. Common human food toxicities are chocolate, grapes, raisins, garlic, onion and avocados.

For a list of additional foods to avoid visit:

Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours!


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