At Stow Kent Animal Hospital, Portage Animal Clinic, and Stow Falls Pet Clinic Inc., we remain open to serve the needs of our clients during this stressful time. We are doing our best to create a “bubble” around our facilities. Our goal is to be able to remain open and serve the pets in need. This involves your help!

First and foremost-

If you are unsure that you need to visit the veterinarian, please give us a call and we can discuss it together.

If you have or someone you know has been exposed to COVID-19 we ask that you please do not visit the office for any reason. Please call for directions from the staff.

At this time, we’d encourage you to shop our stores for food, products, and medication. They can be found on our web-page at

If you prefer or need to pick up products from the hospital we ask that you call first. Have your credit card handy, we will have you pay over the phone. When you arrive, call and we will bring the product out to your vehicle.

If you have an appointment we ask that you please make sure that cats and other small animals are secure in a carrier. We will not be transporting animals loosely in our arms into the buildings. Your dogs will be double leashed using our leashes.

When you arrive for your pet’s appointment we will ask that you stay in the car, please call to check-in. Be prepared to provide a brief history, vehicle make/color, and phone number to the phone in the vehicle with you at the time of the appointment. We do not encourage mingling outdoors with other owners waiting for their appointment. You will remain in your vehicle and the staff will take pets inside without you (with only a handful of exceptions). We ask that just like the staff you be respectful and practice good hygiene. Keep a respectful distance while transferring pets or products from hand to hand. Please be prepared for a smooth handoff to staff. Open the door for the staff member and have the pet ready to hand over. Remember the idea is to have the least amount of contact possible. To avoid the increased risk of exposure to our staff, they are not expected to climb into vehicles to corral pets, touch multiple car door handles, surfaces, etc.

Once inside, the exam on your pet will proceed. Please stay on the premises while exams take place! The doctor will then call you to discuss findings and recommend diagnostics. Once completed, your pet will be returned to you. The staff will call you to settle the invoice before you leave the premises.

We do love our clients and miss the face to face contact (and shaking hands/hugging when appropriate) but we will avoid all of those scenarios at this time.

Thank you!

We appreciate our loyal clients and appreciate the patience as our protocols continue to change frequently. We are prioritizing the safety of staff and clients and adhering to the protocols mandated by the Governor. Our staff already adheres to strict cleaning and hygiene protocols but have continued to amp up protocols to ensure the safety of all.

While you’re waiting outside, our team is loving on your furry family members while helping them feel their best.